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The Chrysler Group's PR chief Jason Vines responded yesterday to the company's decision to ask YouTube to yank the two not-ready-for-prime-time gag ads that Jalopnik had posted and featured on its blog this week. Vines explains the two ads were "part of an outtakes reel for the real gag ads." The two profane ads, he goes on to say, were released without permission, which subsequently sent Vines into a profane-peppered rage of his own after learning of the breach when he returned home from the L.

The pair of risque gag ads produced by The Chrysler Group's ad agency BBDO Detroit have been unceremoniously yanked off YouTube and their poster, the fine upstanding netizens over at Jalopnik, slapped with a DMCA violation. Apparently Chrysler PR doesn't think the image of those under its employ having some actual fun is good for business. On the contrary, Chrysler was actually seen as cool for a brief fifteen minutes for being involved in an ad with swearing and other entirely unairable content