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Get off the phone: Cause of fatal G-Wiz crash revealed

Though exempt from formal crash test standards in most countries, vehicles like the electric, Indian-built Reva – sold in England as the G-Wiz – have occasionally been subjected to informal tests, and the results have raised eyebrows. Years ago, Eric Loveday

Michael Boxwell's The 2011 Electric Car Guide now available

The 2011 Electric Car Guide, written by Michael Boxwell – a man with years of day-to-day experience behind the wheel of battery-powered vehicles – is now available for purchase in both eBook and paperback format.

Report: UK Sales of G-Wiz electric car to end this fall

With electric vehicles (EVs) like the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Citroen C-Zero, Peugeot iOn and, within a few weeks' time, the Nissan Leaf hitting dealerships across the UK, Rudi Schogger, mana

Limited Edition G-Wiz i offers Londoners a designer version of strange-looking quadricycle

GoinGreen sought the help of ContainerPLUS to design a limited edition G-Wiz commemorating the vehicles' close tie with the city of London. The limited edition model features several touches that differentiate it from the standard G-Wiz, but the most noticeable difference is the new, eye-catching exterior graphics package.

G-Wiz importer calls for U.K. green car incentive to begin now

Earlier this week, the government in the U.K. announced a £250 million incentive program that would offer rebates of up to £5,000 for purchases of full electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Although that seems like a nice way to boost electric car sales in the UK, GoinGreen, the UK importer for the G-Wiz sounds unconvinced. The program isn't scheduled to begin until 2011, whi

G-Wiz EV AC has greater range and higher top speed

The Reva G-Wiz electric vehicle is now available in AC. The new version of the G-Wiz DC has a higher top speed (45 mph) and can go 48 miles on a charge (if you're driving in economy mode). Compare this to the DC version's 40 mph top speed and 40-mile range.