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Details have started to emerge regarding Ferrari's new eco-friendly concept vehicle, the FXX Mille Chile. Ferrari, like other high performance vehicle manufacturers, realize that it needs to develop and introduce new technologies in order to keep selling its high-performance brand of vehicles. Ferrari has been working on many of these technologies and is showing them off on its latest concept. It's important to note that this is merely a paper and wood concept and is not slated for production. I

click above to view more shots of the Ferrari FXX Millechili from Winding Road

News comes from Maranello this morning that Ferrari has announced a new concept which promises to take the iconic Italian automaker down greener pastures. The FXX Millechili is supposed to be eco-friendly. No word yet on what exactly that means, but I am sure that as soon as more is known about the concept vehicle, we will let you know.