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VIDEO: Ford's 207 MPH fuel cell land speed record run

We already told you the story of the Ford Hydrogen Fusion 999 and Ford's successful attempt to push it past 200 mph on the Bonneville salt flats this month (see links below). We weren't able to get out to Bonneville to see it in person, but the team brought along a video camera and has made the footage available for your perusal. You can check it out after the jump along with our video of the the first track test.

Ford Hydrogen Fusion 999 runs 207.3 MPH at Bonneville

The Fusion 999 team celebrates going 207+mph. Click for a high-res gallery

Tuesday Salt Flats fuel cell update: Ford and OSU speeds continue to climb

Click on the team photo for a high res gallery of the action at Bonneville

Update from the salt: Ford Hydrogen Fusion 999 qualifies for top speed run

The team from Ford that is trying to push the fuel cell-powered Fusion-bodied racer over 200 mph is now out in Utah preparing to make their record attempt. On Sunday August 12, they made their qualifying pass at 161mph across the Bonneville Salt Flats which will allow them to make their attempt at 200 which they hope to try on Monday. The team from Ohio State University is also hoping to make their first pass with their similarly-powered stream-liner, the Buckeye Bullet 2, on Monday. If all goes

See the hydrogen Ford Fustion 999 in Oshkosh next week

Cilck on the Hydrogen Fusion 999 for a high res gallery of the reveal

VIDEO: Ford's Hydrogen Fusion 999 hits the track for the first time

Click on the bare Fusion for a high res gallery from the first track test

Ford's Hydrogen 999 racer shooting for fuel cell land speed record

Remember that Ford Fusion land speed record we told you about in May? Ford has finally released more information about its plans to head out to Bonneville with a specially-designed Ford Fusion, the Hydrogen 999, to try and break the record for an production-based fuel cell powered vehicle. Ohio State University currently holds the unlimited land speed record for an electric vehicle