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Finally, a car bed for adults

Were you ever jealous of the racecar bed that the rich kid down the street had as a kid? Or maybe Ricky Schroder's on the totally-'80s TV show Silver Spoons? You probably thought the chance had passed since no spouse on this planet would ever let a bed shaped liked a car into the bedroom. However, there might be a solution. Furniture company Morgann Paull is updating the concept of the car bed for adults in a way that doesn't make you look like a man-child for sleeping in one.

Autoblog Giveaway: Win a Step2 Corvette Bed and Dresser! [w/videos]

If you're like us, you watched Silver Spoons with envy growing up. Ricky Schroder lived in a mansion that was lined with toys, and the item we coveted most was his race car bed. Don't say we never made your dreams come true, because this week we're giving away a Step2 Corvette Twin Bed with working lights and matching Corvette Dresser!

Mercedes-Benz launches furniture collection in Milan

Designing a luxury automobile is easily as much about the cabin space as it is about the exterior styling. Mercedes-Benz knows that very well, and as if to showcase what its design department can do outside the confines of a modern automobile, the German automaker is gearing up to launch a collection of furniture at the upcoming Milan Furniture Fair.

The real Porsche Design entertainment center

We think there would be considerably more car-themed furniture in the world were it not for the institution of marriage. While we would have no problem flopping the tail section of a 2005 Porsche 911 in the living room in place of an entertainment center and TV stand, something tells us that would be a hard sell to our significant others. While Porsche Design does make some beautiful pieces that we're sure our better halves wouldn't mind owning,

Bentley crafts unique items for charity auction

Every year, Bentley takes part on a fresh crop of student interns, and every year it participates in a charity fundraising event for The Prince's Trust. For 2011, the Bentley Graduates are putting on an auction of items crafted in Bentley's own workshop, and there are more than a few items we would welcome into our homes with open arms.

Phantom of the Sofa Rolls in to the Autoblog Fantasy Living Room

Rolls-Royce Phantom sofa – Click above for image gallery

Shelby Cobra coffee table joins the Autoblog fantasy living room

The Autoblog fantasy living room keeps on growing fuller (and tackier) by the day. And while we may pine for the occasional item from our growing list, most of the time we're thankful our significant others (or our own sense of good taste combined with our blogger's budgets) keep us from going overboard.

eBay Find of the Day: $45,000 hot rod couch

eBay hot rod art couch- Click above for an image gallery

Simplicity in Motion: Formula.Chair by Matthias Demacker

Formula.Chair by Matthias Demacker – Click above to view in an image gallery