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Young car buyers like small cars, indifferent to MPG

When it comes to car-shopping propensity among younger drivers, look at the numbers, then look closer at the reasons behind them.

The Michigan Transportation Musical puts the glee into riding a bus

Need some lighthearted proof that Millennials – or whatever we're calling college-age students these days – can get excited about not driving cars? Check out The Michigan Transportation Musical.

Ford reimagines Santa's sleigh with Evos design, EcoBoost power

Ever thought about how much CO2 is being emitted from Santa's reindeer? Neither have we, but Ford has. The folks at the Blue Oval figured out that Chris Kringle's road crew drops a knee-wobbling 214,670 tons of CO2 each year while delivering presents to 267 million homes.

Ford battles for trademark of 'FUN' in Europe

Ford has been in a losing battle for market share here in the States for over a decade, but in Europe the Blue Oval has turned things around. Popular models like the Fiesta and Focus have many Europeans thinking Ford first, and soon Ford can have a monopoly on the word 'FUN', too. Ford has been in a battle with the European Union Trademark office over the word 'FUN' since 2005, and the Detroit-based automaker has been denied exclusive rights to the happy word until yesterday. The European Court

Those teens that do get their license prefer Mustang

Research International USA's TRU branch has polled the youth of our country and discovered that they'd like a fun, stylish car more than anything (duh) -- namely the Mustang. Twenty-somethings posed the same question picked the Honda Civic above all else, mainly because they've had a dose of reality, and are now paying their own insurance and fuel.

Budget Bug: Grassroots racing reborn with the Fun Cup

Click above for a high-res gallery of us having fun in the Fun Cup

Jeep comes up with new tagline: "Have fun out there"

It's no newsflash that Jeeps are fun, and that's the new angle the brand is taking to move iron at a pace faster than crawling the Rubicon. Jeep's most recent figures show a 15-percent gain in June from last year, so it's not like they're sitting on their thumbs, but Jeep's been listening to feedback from their often-rabid owner base, and the new tag line will read thusly: "Have fun out there. Jeep." Previous advertising campaigns have pointed up the exclusive club you join by being a Jeeper. "T