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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Exhaust Pipe/Tube

Internal combustion engines produce fumes known as exhaust in their normal operation.

Why Do Some Cars Have Really Smelly Exhaust Fumes?

Most cars have minimal odor to their exhaust.

Higher ethanol blends create health, safety risks, says Big Oil-funded study

In the simplest terms, when higher-ethanol blend fuels spill, they can make buildings go boom. And the study that says this was funded, in part, by Chevron and Shell as well as the American Petroleum Institute, while the report was generated by Rice University in Houston. All clear on the players? Good. Let's proceed.

Traffic jams and exhaust linked to autism, brain cell damage

A new series of health studies may have discovered a link between vehicle exhaust and a range of ailments, including autism, Alzheimer's Disease and more. The Wall Street Journal reports that scientists around the world have conducted studies investigating the impact of exhaust fumes on families living close to highways. The researchers are quick to point out that the results are still circumstantial at this point, but that doe

Diesel fumes are bad for your brain

A Dutch study analyzing the effects of diesel soot particles on human brain functions has made its way into the journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology, a favorite light read around the Autoblog offices. The research indicates that not only do nanoparticles from diesel fumes make their way up the nasal passages and into your brain, yes your brain, but they also trigger a mental stress response. This is observed through brain wave activity, which, when stressed, reacts by altering

Your Nissan Versa is trying to kill you, with interior toxins

Every couple of years, a study comes out identifying the myriad of chemicals being absorbed by your lungs during your daily commute. Surprisingly, these studies don't focus on emissions, but rather turn their scientific eye towards the materials that make up the interior of your car.