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It looks like the theory behind the creation of full-size hybrid SUVs may not hold water, at least from a marketing perspective. Certainly adding a hybrid drivetrain to a big truck will save more gas for a given number of miles driven than doing the same to a smaller more efficient car. At the same time these vehicles will still use more fuel than a smaller vehicle even at the higher mileage levels they achieve. The pitch from automakers like GM and Chrysler was that some people still need the c

Gas prices are skyrocketing, car sales are down, and construction has been hurt by a slowing economy. For the auto industry, that means pickup truck sales are sagging. The Dodge Ram has been feeling the pinch, with sales down 2% vs. 2006 and sky-high incentives to keep numbers even that close. In years past, Chrysler management would have rammed more Rams down their dealers' throats, but the Cerberus regime is opting to idle plants instead. Both the Warren, MI and Fenton, MO plants will be shutt