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China raises fuel prices by 16.7 percent

China raised fuel prices by 16.7 percent Thursday in order to cope with the rising cost of oil. The increase in regulated fuel prices is China's first hike in eight months and its sharpest ever one-off rise. The move eased global crude oil prices, which dropped $5. The 16.7 percent increase takes the pump rate for gasoline to about 75 U.S. cents a liter, still a quarter cheaper than in the United States and about one-third what UK motorists pay. Prices have doubled since 2003, but crude has more

European truckers on strike because of high fuel prices

Blocked borders, fuel pumps running out of gasoline, supermarkets that don't get fresh produce supply ... these are just a few of the consequences of a strike by Spanish and French truckers against high diesel prices. The strike is taking place this week.

India increases fuel prices by 10 percent

India has announced that fuel prices are going to be raised by 10 percent. The state-owned oil companies had no other option but adapt pump prices in response to the increase of crude oil prices in international markets. According to an article in Autoplus, gas stations in New Dehli were selling gasoline at 45.52 rupee and diesel at 31.76 per liter. That's about $1 and $0.75 (U.S.) per liter, respectively. Unlike Europe an

Oil getting close to $120, gas prices following upward trend

Photo by Jurek D. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

LC Biofuels jots a note on biodiesel price increases

LC Biofuels is trying to explain why its biodiesel is not getting any cheaper. According to the Biodiesel Blog, the company has sent out a letter that describes how the ever-increasing price of raw materials and diesel fuel seriously impact its biodiesel prices. The weak dollar - which makes it more lucrative for soybean producers to sell their product to China - al

NADAguides: America's interest in compact cars on the rise

NADAguides, a website that offers car prices and specifications for customers, has announced that compacts are stirring more interest in the U.S. of A than before. According to their figures, consumer interest in the compact segment increased by 96 percent between January and March 2008. This number is based on searches Americans are doing for compact cars.

Inquiring minds at Toyota want to know: how are gas prices affecting you?

How are gas prices affecting you personally? If you drive an SUV every day, your fuel bill is surely putting a crimp in your pocketbook. Even if you drive a vehicle which gets high fuel mileage, we imagine that you're still quite cognizant of your driving habits. Do you carpool to work or when dropping your kids off at school? Do you walk or ride your bike to places that you used to drive to? These questions are important, both to your fellow readers and to car manufacturers. To prove that point