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The average cost for Detroit's Big Three automakers to meet the proposed fuel efficiency targets of 31.6 miles per gallon by 2015 has been pegged at $30.6 billion. In contrast, the average cost for the Japanese automakers sits at less than half that amount at "only" $14.85 billion. These numbers come courtesy of a recent study by Global Insight. In a real shocker, General Motors alone is expected to pay out $15 billion alone. Why the disparity? Simple: the Japanese brands already offer more fuel

While his former employer and their competitors have been rolling in record profits for yet another quarter, Sir Mark Moody-Stewart thinks things need to change. Moody-Stewart was the former chairman of Royal Dutch Shell until his retirement in 2005. In an editorial posted on the BBC web site, the former oil company exectutive makes it clear that he feels the way energy drives the world's economy needs to change. According to Moody-Stewart, the sources of energy need to change radically. At a m