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Study: Fuel cell vehicles to reach 670,000 in annual sales by 2020

As many automakers turn their attention to electric vehicles, fuel cells are not getting as much attention as they used to. Though we don't see either electric or fuel cell-powered vehicles capturing a majority of the automotive market any time soon, several studies have suggested that the growth of battery-powered vehicles will outpace fuel cells. Now, a new Eric Loveday

Army turns to fuel cell technology for M1 Abrams tank

What's next, a battery-powered tank? Well, no, but how does a fuel cell-powered M1 Abrams sound instead? The U.S. Army is currently exploring the idea of using fuel cell technology to bring additional electrical power to the M1 Abrams battle tank. The idea is simple: an on-board fuel cell would take Eric Loveday

Report: Kia's hydrogen vehicle plans include 10,000 on the road by 2015

Kia Borrego FCEV – Click above for high-res image gallery

Peugeot to show off fuel cell ER-EV 307CC this week

Peugeot will be showing off a new demonstration vehicle this week at a hydrogen technology conference in Lyon, France. The research vehicle is based on a 307 CC coupe-convertible and is entirely propelled by electricity. The 307 demonstrator has an extended range electric powertrain, much like the Chevy Volt. However, this one uses a hydrogen fuel cell as the range extender. The car uses a plug-in lithium ion battery pack from Johnson Con

Exposing a fuel-cell future to those nostalgic for Motor City's glorious past

Last Saturday, approximately 40,000 classic show cars and nearly 1.8 million spectators gathered in Michigan for the Woodward Dream Cruise - America's most popular classic car showcase. As an automotive enthusiast, this is one of the premier events that get your adrenaline running. As an environmentalist, you're likely to be appalled by the thousands of gallons of gasoline wasted and hundreds of pounds of exhaust fumes emitted for such a spectacl