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How to Troubleshoot a Gas Cap Cover That Won't Open

One of the most frustrating situations a car owner may experience is showing up to a gas station with a car with a stuck gas cap cover or fuel door.

How to Replace Fuel Injection Lines

Over the last couple of decades, the United States has been trying to keep up with the changes in emissions and fuel efficiency laws due to changes in most modern cars.

How to Replace Fuel Injector O-Rings

Fuel systems are always maintained under pressure whether the engine is running or not.

How to Replace a Fuel Meter Assembly

If the fuel meter on your auto has stopped measuring fuel levels it is most likely broken.

How to Replace a Fuel Pump Relay

The fuel pump relay helps your vehicle start the car by pressurizing the fuel system for the first few seconds before the oil pressure’s level takes over.

How to Flush a Fuel Injector

The easiest way to distribute a liquid or vapor through any propulsion system is to ensure that the system is clean and free of obstructions.

How to Clean a Throttle Body

Today's fuel injected cars depend on a fully-functional and clean throttle body to supply an air/fuel mixture to each cylinder.

How to Replace a Fuel Pump Shut Off Switch

The fuel pump shut off switch is designed to disengage the power to the fuel pump when a vehicle comes to an instant stop.

How to Replace a Fuel Rail Sensor

A fuel rail pressure sensor is a component which has the ability to reduce evaporative emissions by allowing the engine just enough fuel so that it can run in the correct way.

How to Replace a Fuel Filler Cap

The fuel filler cap secures the entry to the fuel tank of a vehicle and it is made of metal or plastic.

How to Replace a Fuel Gauge Sender

Every vehicle is equipped with a fuel gauge to tell the driver how much fuel is left in the fuel tank.

How to Replace a Carburetor on Most Cars

A carburetor’s function is to meter incoming air, mix the appropriate amount of fuel with that air, and deliver the mixture to the engine.

How Far Can You Drive Your Vehicle on Empty?

Every driver occasionally lets their gas tank get low enough to trigger the low fuel warning light.

How to Buy Fuel Treatments

Adding a fuel additive to your gas tank when you fill up is one way to clean vital engine parts of deposits, improve the performance of your engine, and increase gas mileage.

How to Use a Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit

Dirty fuel injectors are a common problem for many vehicles in this day in age.

How to Figure Out Which Type of Fuel Gets the Best Mileage

We all want our car to go longer on a single tank of gas.

How to Tune and Adjust Your Carburetor

While all modern cars use computer-controlled fuel distribution systems, there are still many vehicles on the road that employ the traditional carbureted method of fuel delivery.

How to Know What Type of Gas to Use

Your vehicle is propelled by a combustion engine.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Fuel Filter (Auxiliary)

Virtually all vehicles equipped with gasoline engines are equipped with fuel filters that are meant to filter out any dirt or debris that could contaminate the fuel system or damage the components, and possibly even the engine.

How Long Does a Fuel Pressure Regulator Last?

In order for the fuel system in a car to operate properly, it will need to have the right amount of pressure.

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