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Ford offering app developers $50k reward for achieving better fuel economy

Ford may be the first to open up both its hardware and software platforms to outsiders.

Complaints And Lawsuits Over Fuel Economy Shortfall Hitting Ford

The new C-Max Hybrid is a great driver, but hitting 47 mpg is tough in real world

When Ford launched its all-new C-max hybrid last fall, it was meant to be the automaker's big challenge to Toyota's Prius, which has has been far and away the leader in hybrid sales with the strongest brand.

New car shoppers less willing to consider Hyundai, Kia after mileage overstatement

Summarizing the results of research carried out by Edmunds, Reuters reports that consumers' are less inclined to purchase cars from Hyundai and Kia due to the company's recent snafu over inflated mileage claims. The Edmunds metric of "purchase intent" declined by 1.9 percent for the Kia Soul (pictured), meaning that the largest drop in consideratio