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Does the gas station pump pictured above look confusing? For some people, it is. Now, imaging if there was also J1772 connectors and a few H2 pumps, a SVO hose, and one for biodiesel and E85. Would it be complicated then? According to a new online study by Harris Interactive (done at the behest of Mercedes-Benz USA), these sorts of choices – more specifically, the new generation of alternative powertrain vehicles – are causing confusion about what kinds of cars to buy, with the resul

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest fuel of them all"? The magic mirror in the fairy tale had it easy. Snow White was a shoe-in. In the 2006 Alternative Fuel Beauty Pageant, we have a tougher time picking a winner. Lots of conflicting information. Which one is the "fairest fuel" to put in the tank (or battery bank or fuel cell)? I'm here to pick an alternative fuel that's fair to my pocketbook, fair to the planet, and fair to my thirst for performance and convenience.