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Veloform offers methanol fuel cell "Bicy-Taxis"

Fuel Cell Works is reporting that Veloform has announced the release of a fuel cell-powered, three-wheeled bicycle called the City Cruiser II. You may recognize the familiar shape of the vehicles as Veloform is the maker of the Bicy-Taxis shown at New York's Ecofest a couple months ago.

Brewing hydrogen with bacteria

As many of you point out, the hydrogen economy remains on the distant horizon for a handful of reasons, one of which being the absence of an economical, safe and environmentally friendly production method. Daniel (Niels) van der Lelie, a biologist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, however, believes we will be able to use bacteria to safely "brew" it.

Danish island to become living lab for fuel cells

The Danish island Lolland which is just about 480 square miles with a flat landscape has been targeted to become a living laboratory for fuel cells. Fuel cell company IRD will collaborate with local government to set up working fuel cell solutions that will deliver power to homes, industry and the transportation system.

DOE-funded fuel cell membrane research

Researchers at the Macromodules and Interfaces Institute at Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech's School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering are working on a Department of Energy-funded project to develop more effective membrane materials for fuel cells.