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German auto club gets HydroGen4 from GM for roadside assistance

One of General Motors' HydroGen4 (aka fuel cell Equinox) vehicles is now prowling the streets in Berlin and Brandenberg, Germany offering up roadside assistance. The German auto club ADAC is operating one of the fuel cell-powered crossovers as part of GM's Project Driveway. Just as AAA crews do here in the U.S., ADAC (the "Yellow Angels") come to the rescue of motorists with flat tir

GM delivers 100th fuel cell Chevy Equinox for Project Driveway

It's been just over a year since General Motors launched its Project Driveway fuel cell field test program. In the 14 months the program has been putting fuel cell powered Chevy Equinoxes in the hands of regular customers, those drivers have accumulated 500,000 miles on the vehicles. Over 3,400 people have gotten behind the wheel, either as part of the project's two month loans or during drives that are held as pa

First Drive: Daimler F-Cell, Hyundai FCEV, Toyota FCHV and GM HydroGen4

Click above for more shots of the GM HydroGen4 fuel cell Equinox

Driving impressions of the fuel cell Chevy Equinox

Here in the Ann Arbor office of ABG we don't have access to a public hydrogen filling station yet. The only ones around here at the EPA national testing lab, the NextEnergy Center in Detroit and at various automakers facilities. That means that we're not eligible to get one of GM's Project Driveway fuel cell Equinoxes. We've driven it (full disclosure: In my previous life working as an engineer I was involved in developing the brake system on the FC Equinox so I've spent plenty of time in them)

GM and Clean Energy to open hydrogen station near LAX

General Motors is announcing a new partnership today with Clean Energy to install a hydrogen filling station near Los Angeles International Airport. Clean Energy is a California-based company that currently operates 170 compressed natural gas filling stations around the country and the new LAX hydrogen station will be on the same site with a CNG station. The new LAX station to be operated by Clean Energy will be available to participants in GM's Project Driveway fuel cell field test program. Acc