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Autonation CEO Mike Jackson: just another exec in favor of higher gas taxes

Executives of large companies by and large tend to skew toward the more conservative side of the political spectrum and generally eschew increased taxes on anything. However, a growing handful (see here) seems to be coming to the same realization of late, a realization that completely escapes most politicians: cheap gas is bad for America, especially if we want the country to move to more efficie

Oregon considers taxing mileage, not gas

Oregon ran a pilot program in 2006 and 2007 that fitted 300 cars with GPS receivers, which kept track of the cars' mileage. The receivers also kept records of when the cars were on the road, noting whether they traveled during rush hour or not. When the drivers went to several specially-equipped gas stations, they paid a mileage tax based on how far they had driven and when they drove, rush hour being more expensive than the wee hours.

Road commission calls for gas tax hike

A gas tax is about more than putting liquid into your tank and subtracting a higher amount from your bank account. A gas tax is -- just like CAFE and hybrids and $25 billion set aside to finance fuel efficient technologies -- about reworking and redefining our entire system of private transportation. And since that system is most certainly going to redefined, it is no surprise that the National Commission on Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing has recommended a jump in the federal fu

Ward's columnist wonders if Americans can handle the truth about gas taxes

People have always had something of an aversion to hard truths. Most Americans say they want their country to get off foreign oil or help the environment, but when it comes to the bottom line, they want cheap fuel. And when the prices on gas pumps start to dip, consum

China raises fuel tax, changes gas price scheme to boost alternative fuels

China has decided to stimulate demand for alternative fuels with a standard financial measure: raising the fuel tax. The fuel tax on gasoline will climb from the equivalent of 13 cents a gallon to 64 cents, while the tax on diesel will rise from 6.5 cents a gallon to 51 cents. Ouch. While this measure will be partially offset by the current low oil prices, China has announced plans to keep fuel prices more directly tied to crude oil prices. The Chinese government believes that this measure, the

Gas tax holiday killed by road crews, not common sense, tax increase soon

As you may have noticed when filling your tank, the plan for a gas tax holiday put forward by presidential candidates from both party brands, never came to fruition. The idea had been suspend an 18¢ per gallon federal tax on fuel from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Of course the fact that this would have saved average drivers a whopping $28 had little if anything to do with the lack of movement on bills from both Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton and Republican Sen. John McCain. It turns out the

Rep. Dingell proposes tax on fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Rep. John Dingell (D-Dearborn, MI) has created a legislative proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as by 60 to 80 percent in 2050. How? By creating a tax on fuels and CO2 emissions. The amount: $50 per ton of CO2 and 50 cents a gallon for gasoline. It will include the elimination of tax exemptions for large homes as well. Dingell also supports the Hill-Terry initiative that is trying to raise mileage standards by 40 percent in 2022.

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