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Environmental organisations team up to reduce CO2 emissions

Friends of the Earth, Ecologistas en Acción, Greenpeace, Jóvenes Verdes and WWF/Adena have launched an online campaign demanding a drastic reduction of CO2 emission limits in Europe. The EU is set to establish limits next fall and these associations are lobbying in for stricter ones. According to figures managed by these organizations, 70 percent of all oil used in Europe is used for transport and, am

Toyota puts out "misleading" green ad in Belgium

Toyota had an ad in Belgium that included the words "Zero emissions low." While the Prius is a model with very low CO2 emissions, they're certainly not zero and the claim has been considered misleading. The advertisement did not contain any CO2 emission or fuel consumption data, as is obliged under Belgian law, and thus violated European labeling directive 1999/94/EC. Friends of the Earth Europe's car efficiency campaigner, Jeroen Verhoeven, filed the complaint. "Car manufa

Friends of the Earth: Oil companies can make it better

In a dog bites man kind of move, Friends of the Earth has issued a report in which they criticize the oil industry for not doing more to reduce their carbon footprint. The environmental organization believes that measures to increase energy efficiency - as well as forgetting about biofuels - could be the key to reducing the footprint. FotE has made a similar argument in the past. Over

Friends of the Earth: Beware of "sustainable" certified biofuel crops

Despite the celebration these days of the 3rd European Meeting for Sustainable Biofuels, Friends of the Earth has announced that the "sustainability" criteria for biofuels might be wrong. Next week, a symposium will be held in Argentina regarding the expansion of soy crops to produce biofuel.

Friends of the Earth warns about Saab greenwash ads

Friends of the Earth Europe thinks that some of Saab's latest ads are nothing but greenwashing, and has publicly warned the automaker to withdraw them or face legal challenge. FoEE instigated a summons (PDF) that was served to Saab's office in Belgium and "calls on the company to remove all wording and imagery from its web