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Here's a shocker: a recent opinion poll conducted in five EU countries and sponsored by Friends of the Earth (FoE) shows that European citizens support measures to force carmakers to reduce the fuel consumption of the cars they produce by 25 per cent without delay; this would mean that auto makers would have to lower their average CO2 emissions to 120 g/km. The poll shows that 87 percent of the interviewed people agreed with this statement. According to FoE, this shows that the European Parliam

Several Environmental organisations in Europe have launched a campaign to request that the European Commission to implement tougher CO2 emission limits on vehicles. According to their sources, road transport accounts for 25 percent of European emissions and in countries like Spain, it reaches 40 percent. While newer cars pollute less than older models, they're also heavier. Add the fact that Europeans are driving more and more and the result is that emissions increase every year.

If you've been wondering how to gauge the overall impact of the biofuel you use (or wish you could), the Friends of the Earth, a global network of environmental groups, is trying to make it possible with just a few clicks. The group's new biofuel impact database is now online and it's a good idea with a lot of potential.