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Tesla Model Y electric crossover will be built in Fremont

And it'll have 8-10% less range than the Model 3 sedan

And it'll have 8-10% less range than the Model 3 sedan.

Fremont, Calif. to pilot a Tesla Model S police cruiser

It'll charge with solar power as part of efforts to reduce carbon footprint

It'll charge with solar power as part of efforts to reduce carbon footprint.

Tesla hometown to require new homes have solar, be 'EV ready'

Fremont gets the jump on California's 'zero net energy' plan for 2020.

Fremont City Council is now waiting for approval from state building and energy commissions.

Tesla's Fremont factory workforce could be former NUMMI plant's highest ever

Tesla plans to employ more people in Fremont than during the plant's 1979 peak.

Tesla plans to boost its workforce to about 9,300 people.

UAW wants to unionize Tesla Fremont plant

The UAW has been talking for years about unionizing at Tesla. It's doing so again.

UAW president Dennis Williams says he's still interested in getting workers organized at Tesla's Fremont factory.

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Questions arise over B1 visa workers at Tesla factory [UPDATE]

The story of Gregor Lesnik illuminates one side of Silicon Valley.

The Mercury News digs into questions surrounding some of the construction workers at its Fremont factory. We suggest you go read the original report.

With Model 3, Tesla will approach manufacturing in a new way

Elon Musk says Tesla is hellbent on being the world's best manufacturer.

Looking at a million vehicles a year by 2020, Tesla is going to change the way it designs and builds its electric cars.

Non-union Tesla now owns former Fremont UAW Hall

Tesla just bought the former United Auto Workers union hall located just a stones throw from its factory in Fremont, CA. The UAW was asking $4.26 million for the land, and it included four acres and a 16,470-square-foot building. The company's purpose for the land is still a mystery.

Even Tesla job fair gets too much attention, causes traffic jam

We know that when it comes to Tesla, every little thing has the potential to explode into the popular consciousness. Whether it's the rare fire or a good conspiracy theory, any news is good news. But we thought that this was just true on the Intern

UAW sets up organizing committee at Tesla's Fremont factory

Tesla is happy to do things differently than other automakers, from the company-owned stores to the all-electric drivetrain. It also doesn't use union workers at its factory in Fremont, California (the former NUMMI plant, pictured). But now the United Auto Workers (U

Tesla gets $10 million from California for Model X production

The Golden State is providing some green for the Tesla Model X.

Fiat Freemont (Italy's Dodge Journey) configurator now online

We saw the Fiat Freemont first at this past March's Geneva Motor Show, and the newly pleasant people carrier's configurator has just hit the intertubes in Italian. An English-language version for the UK market isn't happening yet, so you'll have to have fun seeing what Europe can get on its Dodge Journey that we can't, and vice-versa by Matt Davis

Toyota's expansion taking its toll on employees

Toyota's success over the past decade has come at the cost of quality at times, and now, it's affecting employees and their families. In a document obtained by Automotive News, ToMoCo engineers and managers are getting worn out, whether it's from cross-country trips in close succession or the daily rigors of constant expansion. The result is five-percent of employees leaving the automaker in 2006, and 10-percent leaving in 2005.