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Gas prices suck and the job market is almost as bad, but a little uglification of your car or truck can net you some big bucks. Alternative marketing companies that want to plaster your car with "tasteful" advertisements are paying hundreds of dollars to the right people, but chances are you aren't one of them. There is a reason you don't see many of these driving billboards, because the companies with the money are looking for people who travel a lot and park their car in interesting places. Mo

Do you design hats? You do? Then what the hell are you doing reading Autoblog? However you got here, it's your lucky day. Because perhaps for the first time in Autoblog history, we have a post on headwear design. All you dedicated readers stop your groaning, it's not totally off-topic. Chrysler's giving away not only a trip to the 133rd Kentucky Derby, but a new Sebring convertible as well. (See, we brought it back on topic.)

Well, you do have to pay for the paper and the printer ink, we suppose. Nevertheless, here's a great little time waster for those of you stuck back in your cubicles after the wonderful Holiday season has faded into a fuzzy memory of friends, family and food. Paper models like these at Paper Toys have been around for ages, but the mere mention of them today rekindled happy thoughts of building a Fiat Panda just like the one we piloted in Italy a few years ago.