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Chrysler studying Fiat's 6-speed gearbox

One of the first consequences of the Chrysler-Fiat alliance could be the arrival of Fiat's new six-speed transmission in Chrysler models. Chrysler lost its dual-clutch partner Getrag, which was developing a next-gen dual clutch transmission, so Fiat's unit, still under development, is likely to arrive statewide. At least this is what Frank Klegon, Chrys

Chrysler recommits to diesel and hybrid Ram, if the company survives

A pair of planned, more fuel efficient versions of the Dodge Ram pickup apparently remain as on-track as any program can be said to be in the current Chrysler situation. Our buddy Mike Levine at PickupTrucks.com spoke with Chrysler product development VP Frank Klegon about what's coming for the Ram. In spite of similar programs being canceled or delayed at Toyota, Ford and General Motors, Chrysler is moving ahead with its li

Chrysler hasn't killed future product plans... yet

As you'd imagine, it's pretty tough to run a successful auto company if there's no viable product in the pipeline. Chrysler has seen its fair share of negative press for not announcing a clear strategy to rebuild the heart of its line-up, namely the Chrysler Sebring and the Dodge Avenger, and it's unclear how much life the aging 300C and Charger platform has in it. According to Chrysler's product development chief, Frank Klegon, though, there's nothing to worry about... assuming that the Feds pu

Frank Klegon on Chrysler's diesel future

Over on the new Chrysler Blog, Product Development boss Frank Klegon has put up a post about diesels at Chrysler. Chrysler has said on several occasions that they expect diesels to eventually make up fifteen percent of the US market over the next decade, a figure comparable to what they expect for hybrids. Now that Chrysler is independent again, they intend to continue working with Mercedes-Benz on diesel systems, including the

Chrysler and Mercedes still plan on sharing

As we told you last week, it looks like Chrysler and Daimler might still be capable of playing nice. Despite Daimler unceremoniously dumping the Chrysler group earlier this year, Daimler and Chrysler will apparently still share a lot of business side relationships that make economic sense for both firms. Now we have word that the two also seem to be committed to sharing technology on future proje