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The University of Washington built a Formula SAE car in 2010. It had some impressive specs – a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds, for example – but it's already due for an upgrade. See, last year's car used a 600cc Honda engine and a six-speed transmission to move the 480 pounds (curb weight) in a hurry, but now some of the team members want to upgrade the little racer to an "all-electric, eco-friendly, racing machine." Incorporating battery swapping and fast-charging lithium batteries, the c

The Formula SAE student design competition started by the Society of Automotive Engineers nearly 30 years ago enters a new phase this week with the start of the first Formula Student Electric competition in Germany. Like FSAE, the new contest requires teams of engineering students to design, build and race single-seat race cars, but in this case they are all powered by electricity.