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The opening of the 2009 Formula one season is only a month away in Melbourne, Austraiia and, for the first time, teams will be able to compete with KERS hybrid drive systems aboard. It's not clear yet how many of the teams are actually ready to run their systems, but there is one big concern: safety. Most of the teams are believed to be working with some sort of electric hybrid rather than a mechanical flywheel system. Drivers and pit and safety crews are working on procedures for handling the c

In recent weeks there have been several safety related incidents during the development and testing of the new kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) that will be rolled out in Formula 1 in 2009. Teams are working along two different development paths with some pursuing a mechanical flywheel based system while others work on an battery based electric hybrid setup. Both configurations have potential safety issues, but Mike Gascoyne, Technical Director of the Force India team believes all of thos

We've already heard talk that Formula 1 officials have considered moving toward a diesel engine, now hybrids are the talk of the track. The Federation Internationale de L'Automobile, which hosts F1 racing, is considering using hybrid technology in the race cars. Toyota, which hasn't done very well since it entered F1 a few years ago, would play a strong role in such a move. A Toyota motorsports engineer said such a system would be different than the cars. Honda is also said to be developing a hy