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We can't say we've ever seen a Toyota Prius rip through a slalom course like this, either.

2009 Formula Hybrid Challenge - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Last year we told about the first SAE Formula Hybrid competition organized by Dartmouth College and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Now electric vehicle advocacy group Plug-In-America is helping to provide funding for student teams from California colleges and universities to take part. Plug-In-America is actually distributing the funds provided as part of an incentive program from the California Air Resources Board. Last year Plug-In-America provided $12,500 each to teams from Cal Poly San

We recently brought you news about the newest student design competition from the Society of Automotive Engineers' Formula Hybrid along with the story of McGill University's electric and hybrid snowmobiles. Last week McGill and seven other schools converged on New Hampshire International Raceway in Loudon NH for the inaugural event. Dartmouth entered two cars but only one managed to compete.