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REPORT: Ford offering all 41,000 UAW workers buyout packages

According to Ford spokesman Mark Truby, "Despite a strengthening in our business, we still have a surplus in employees." Union employees to be specific. As such, Ford has just announced plans to reduce its unionized workforce by offering a buyout package to all 41,000 UAW members currently employed by the automaker.

REPORT: Three Ford plants vote down new contract with UAW

Pattern bargaining is how things tend to be done in Detroit, a strategy which ensures that one automaker doesn't tend to get a plum deal at the expense of the other car builders in town. General Motors and Chrysler negotiated pretty hard with the United Auto Workers as part of the bailouts, and Ford's now in the process of securing new agreements with its labor force. While the Blue Oval didn't need government money to stay afloat (well, aside from those low interest technology loans, anyway), i

REPORT: Ford and UAW contract changes begin to leak out

Even before General Motors and Chrysler entered bankruptcy, the two automakers were wheeling and dealing with the United Auto Workers, reworking their contracts signed in 2007. Since Ford wasn't partaking in the billions of dollars handed to the other two automakers by the federal government, the Dearborn, MI-based automaker was seemingly left out in the cold. Those contract changes helped GM and Chrysler emerge as stronger companies, but Ford was left hanging.

Ford and UAW reach tentative agreement on contract changes

In the interest of remaining competitive with transplants (non-union automotive plants in the U.S. owned and operated by import automakers), Ford and the United Auto Workers union have tentatively agreed on modifications to their current contract that affects some 41,000 hour workers. The exact modifications won't be officially revealed until the UAW and its members have a chance to ratify the contract changes later this week, but Automotive News is reporting that they include additional product

Quick and painless: Ford-UAW contract ratified by rank-and-file

UPDATE: Automotive News (sub. req'd) reports that the Ford-UAW labor contract passed by a margin of nearly 4-to-1, compared to a 2-to-1 margin for GM's contract and only 56% voting in favor of Chrysler's contract.

BREAKING: UAW and Ford reach tentative agreement

You know what they say: third time's a charm. After the United Auto Workers union was forced to strike against both General Motors and Chrysler LLC., it somehow found a way to come to terms with Ford Motor Co. after two marathon days of negotiations this past week. Ford's press release contains no details about the tentative four-year contract itself, except to sa