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Buying a Fiesta led to a long marriage and the love of her life

I was 21 years old and just getting ready to start my senior year at Indiana University when the ancient station wagon that had been my mother's gave up the ghost. My Dad and I determined that I had better go look for a modest car that would be reliable for the Indiana winters. It was 1978, and the country was still in disco fever.

Translogic 7.4 focused on two cars that offer some pretty killer technology at a low price, the Nissan Juke and Ford Fiesta. But they aren't the only cars that follow that formula. Here's a look at other budget cars that offer enough high-end tech to rival the luxury makes. The 2011 Scion tC includes some impressive hardware and software when it comes to in-car entertainment. For just under $19,000 even the base tC has a 300-watt Pioneer sound system with eight speakers and a two-channel amp th