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Ford's latest press release touts greener cars and, well, just read...

Is there an echo in here, or is that just the shameless self-promotion I'm hearing?

Ford Bold Moves - Episode 24: Ford hearts alt fuels

Bam, just when you think you're safe, another episode of the Ford Bold Moves documentary hits the web waves. Episode 24, titled Driving the Future, is all about Ford's focus on alternative fuels, including clean diesel technology and hydrogen fuel cells, among others. The documentary begins at the AltWheels Festival where some manufacturers actually showed up to show off their green stripes. Ford had its hydrogen

It's about the product, man! Ford refocusing Bold Moves ads

Ford's marketing push behind the "Bold Moves" taglines is one step away from becoming part of modern pop culture. We've been inundated with TV, print and web ads since the campaign began, and you've no doubt noticed the web-based documentary of the same name. FoMoCo executives can't even make it through a single speech without evoking the "Bold Moves" god before which they bow. Ford dealers, however, are reportedly not impressed by the campaign that fro

Bold Move: Ford extending buyouts to all UAW workers

Thanks to a fax sent by the United Auto Workers union to its leaders in various regions, we now know that Ford will be extending its job buyout offer to all 75,000 of its hourly UAW workers. This means that Ford is more than doubling the Way Forward plan's initial offer to buy out 30,000 of its 82,000-person work force. According to the New York Times, only 6,200 workers accepted the offer the first time around, though we expect Ford is hoping its new offer is as successful as the one General Mo

Ford Bold Moves: the video game

If you're a video game freak and a Mustang fan, chances are you're going to pick up Ford Bold Moves: Street Racing for the PS2, XBox 360 or PC no matter what kind of reviews it gets. Manufacturer specific driving games are not a new thing, even for Ford who is now on its third version of the Ford Racing series. Still, they can often devolve into extended digital test drives when

Ford Bold Moves hits the virtual realm with video game

Ford's Bold Moves campaign just got a little bolder with the introduction of Ford Bold Moves Street Racing, a video game developed in cooperation with Eidos Interactive. Scheduled to hit a North American PlayStation 2, XBOX or PC near you this fall, the game comes packing 18 Ford vehicles and the option to switch among three of them at a time during a race, thanks to a function known as "Maximum Team Control." The game also allows the ability to crash and boom 'til your heart's content

FordBoldMoves Episode 6: The Future of Fuel, the Future of Ford

The sixth webisode of the FordBoldMoves documentary begins with a statement of fact: "Ford has the worst fuel efficiency of any automaker in America." That's what we like about these little shorts – they can be brutally honest about the condition of Ford, even if they do tend to end with a hope-springs-eternal attitude. The sixth webisode speaks to Ford's past failure and current efforts to become a greener automaker. Examples such as the Hybrid Escape taxi fleet in New York and the upcom

Bold Moves: Episode 3 - The Legend of Carroll Shelby

The third installment of Ford's ambitious Bold Moves documentary series kicks off a three-part arc focused on the new GT500 . Fittingly, Part 1 centers on the man for which that car is named: Carroll Shelby. Chock full of great archival footage, the webisode begins with Carroll telling viewers in his own words how his relationship with Ford came to be. He approached then-president Lee Iacocca with the proposition that if Iacocca gave him $25,000, he'd build Ford a car that would go out and beat