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When Ford handed over the keys to a plug-in Escape hybrid to Southern California Edison last December, one of many secrets the companies kept to themselves was which battery maker was responsible for the lithium-ion batteries fulfilling the electric part of the equation. The company has now been revealed and it's Johnson Controls-Saft, which has a dedicated li-ion battery plant in France. Johnson Controls will be providing the li-ion batteries for all of the PHEV Escapes for Ford's demonstration

Representatives from Ford and Southern California Edison were obviously quite excited about a big event on Monday at EVS23, where Ford's Sue Cischke (second from left), senior vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering and Nancy Gioia (right), director, Sustainable Mobility, drove up in a plug-in Ford Escape hybrid right to the doors of the Anaheim Convention Center. There, two representatives from SCE (whose names I misplaced. Sorry) took the keys to the PHEV, which mark

Sometimes, when our helpful readers send in a note to the AutoblogGreen tip line, the message gets lost in the shuffle. You might be able to relate to having an overstuffed email inbox, and know that sometimes things just don't get read on time. Today, I'm finally writing about a tip sent in my reader Mork a good three weeks ago. I was trying to clean out the email pile and noticed that we'd missed this story. Considering that it might reveal a little something about what Ford is up to, it, at t

You'd think a story like this would be all over the place, but as of right now, only Next Energy News is onto the announcement of a 100 mpge (mpg equivalent) plug-in Ford Escort hybrid due in 2010.