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With production Ford Ka vehicles moving through the factory, three custom versions went on display at the Paris Motor Show today. Dubbed the Digital, Tattoo and Grand Prix, the three variations will be offered to customers who buy the standard Zetec model when the Ka goes on sale in January. Here's what the three are like:

A week ahead of its debut at the Paris Motor Show, the new Ford Ka started rolling off the assembly line in Tychy Poland. The new mini Ford shares an assembly facility with the Fiat 500 with which it also shares a platform. Over the 12-year run of the original Ka, Ford built 1.4 million examples. The new model comes with a choice of 1.2L gas or 1.3L diesel engines. Ford is planning to build 120,000 Kas a year at the Polish plant but so far have given no indication of any plans to export the car

The second generation of the baby of Ford's European lineup is going kinetic when it arrives later this year. The new Ka shares a platform with the Fiat 500 and Panda, but it has a look totally in keeping with its stablemates. The kinetic design language common to other current Euro-Fords translates remarkably well to the diminutive dimensions. The Ka will be built at Fiat's assembly plant in Poland. Ford's mini-car will also share engines with the Italian-branded cars. Four cylinder engines of

We've been seeing this little machine covered in camoflage for months now, but here it is in bare painted metal. The second-generation of Ford's Ka will be showing up at European dealerships later this year wearing the smallest iteration yet of "kinetic" design. The first gen Ka was based on a shortened version of the old Fiesta platform. This time around Ford has teamed up with Fiat and the Ka shares its underpinnings with the new 500. That means propulsion will be coming from 1.2 and 1.4L gas

Right now the smallest car that Ford plans to sell in the U.S. market is the upcoming Verve. The Verve will also be the replacement for the Fiesta in Europe when it launches this spring. In the European market, Ford offers an even smaller model called the Ka. The current Ka is built on a shortened version of the current-generation Fiesta but the next model shares architecture with the new Fiat 500. We've seen spy shots of new Ka previously with very heavy camo including headlights tacked on outs

The upcoming production version of the Ford Verve will be the smallest Ford in the U.S. market (at least for now). However, over in Europe, Ford has an even smaller car called the Ka. The current Ka is based on the platform of the Fiesta which is being replaced by the Verve (or whatever they end up calling it). The new Ka will share the platform of the recently launched Fiat 500. Auto Motor und Sport got some pics of the vinyl-clad prototype undergoing testing. While the lights are obviously a r