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Ford has everything ready to start selling the new Fiesta in Europe next Fall. Prices start at €11,700 for gasoline variants, and €13,700 for diesels (prices shown are for the French market). If you want 5 doors instead of 3, you have to add €500 to the sticker price. Six different trims(Ambiente, Trend, ECOnetic, Ghia, Titanium and Sport, or Zetec S in the UK) and six powerplants (4 gasoline and 2 diesel) will be available.

Today's press release from Ford about the company's "New 6.4-liter Power Stroke® diesel" engine is not the first time we're hearing about the "Cleanest, Quietest Power Stroke Engine Ever." But, with Ford's Clean Diesel Technology, the engine now is more powerful and cleaner than ever before, something Ford is quite proud of. The company's Diesel Powertrain chief engineer, Rick Renwick, says that, "No diesel engine has ever delivered this much power and refinement with such clean emissions. W