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Ford sued over alleged 3.5-liter EcoBoost defects

Three Ford owners from Ohio have filed a lawsuit against the automaker over defects that they allege exist within the company's twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. Automotive News reports that the lawsuit claims the engine "contained serious latent design, manufacturi

Ford faces class-action lawsuit for selling vehicles without brake override systems

A total of 20 Ford customers are suing the automaker in a class-action lawsuit for selling vehicles "vulnerable to unintended acceleration." According to Reuters, the suit names 30 models built between 2002 and 2010 with electronic throttle control systems but without a brake override system. Those include the 2004-2012 F-Series pickups and the Zach Bowman

Ford drops suit against counterfeiters and trademark infringers

Ford has dropped a lawsuit against 13 individuals accused of selling counterfeit products with the automaker's trademarks, according to The Detroit News. The company originally wanted to acquire names, addresses, telephone numbers, bank account numbers and emails from sites like eBay and PayPal without informing the accused, but a federal magistra

Ford sued for allegedly using defective gas tanks in F-Series and E-Series from 1999 to 2008

According to a report from Reuters, Ford has been sued for allegedly selling F-Series pickup trucks and E-Series vans with defective fuel tank linings. The suit alleges that Ford knew about the problem and continued to sell affected vehicles over a 10-year period.

Ford suing former exec over new Toyota-related job

Ford is suing former marketing executive Martin Collins as the result of a job he took with a Toyota distributor. The Detroit Free Press reports that Collins took a position as president of Gulf States Toyota; an apparent violation of his employment contract with Ford. Collins had been the general sales manager of the Ford and Lincoln brands since May.

U.S. government to pay $10.84 million for cleanup at Ford Rouge complex

The United States government has agreed to pay Ford $10.84 million to settle a lawsuit with the automaker over wartime contamination at the historic Rouge complex outside of Detroit, MI. This settlement caps off a seven-year battle between Ford and the U.S. government.

Ford named in patent infringement case over SYNC, safety systems

Eagle Harbor Holdings has named Ford in a lawsuit, contending that the automaker infringed on seven of its patents after talks between the two companies stalled out in 2008 – and the claimed infringements strike right at the heart of Ford's recent tech expansion.

Ford settles $131m Explorer rollover case

Ford's second-generation Explorer has just cost the company $131 million. Despite the popularity of the seminal SUV, it's had more than its fair share of legal scrapes regarding its rollover resistance. And while the Explorer/Firestone tire kerfuffle has long since exited the headlines, the Blue Oval continues to get its pocketbook dinged by the SUV. According to Autoblog sister site AOL Autos, this week, a jury in Jackson, Mississippi was to d