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The United Auto Workers have ratified a new four-year labor agreement with Ford by a two-to-one margin. The deal will see the automaker add 12,000 hourly jobs over the course of the term by bringing some production back into the U.S. from overseas. The agreement will also see Ford invest $16 billion in domestic product development and manufacturing during that time, as well. The automaker says that it will increase production by adding another shift at its Auto Alliance International, Michigan A

Automotive News reports that the United Auto Workers is close to ratifying a new labor agreement with Ford. The union says that 63 percent of its members have voted in favor of the four-year deal, and that a total of 15,862 workers had voted for the agreement. The UAW said that 9,375 ballots have been cast against the measure, and voting is set to close today.

Ford and the United Auto Workers have agreed to a tentative labor agreement, according to Automotive News. The pact makes Ford the second domestic automaker to come to reach an accord with the labor union, and the deal covers some 41,000 workers. The agreement is expected to be discussed in further detail during separate press conferences held by representatives from the UAW and Ford. While no solid details are available as of the time of writing, Automotive News suggests that the deal may be ve

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