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Ford just got its investment-grade bond rating back from Moody's Investors Service in May, and the The Detroit News reports that the company has sold $1.5 billion worth of benchmark bonds in its first sale since getting its status upgraded. The five-year notes offer performance of 230 basis points above similar Treasury bonds, which translates to about 2.3 percentage points better yield.


Moody's upgraded Ford's credit rating to investment grade today, the final step for the company to be able to reclaim its Blue Oval. Ford had offered its globally recognized trademark as part of a 2006 loan package. According to the Detroit Free Press, the collateralized logo and the rest of Fod's assets and intellectual property would not return to the automaker until it achieved an investment-grade credit rating with at least two of the three major agencies. Last month, Ford's credit was upgra


No doubt Ford has seen the light shining at the end of its turnaround plan for a while, but now The Blue Oval is getting so close to the daylight it might even be able to smell the fresh air. By the end of 2005, Ford bonds were rated so low by the three major ratings agencies they was floating in the cistern below the basement of junk status. After Mulally came onboard, the company put up everything to get the money to work his plan, from the company logo to its real estate. In order to get it b

Ford Motor Company has announced plans to invest $135 million into two of its Detroit-area plants, creating what the company calls a "center of excellence" for electric vehicles (EVs). The investment will be divided between the company's transaxle plant in Sterling Heights, MI and its Ypsilanti battery plant. Combined, Ford says, 220 new jobs will be created including 130 at the transaxle plant, 40 at the battery facility and 50 engineers to be split between the two sites.

Apparently, money does really grow on trees these days, but only those exotic ones found exclusively in South America. OK, maybe not, but somehow Ford has come across a significant amount of coin, all of which will be poured into the continent to our south.