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007's Ford Ka powered by hydrogen?

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Ford delivers first two hydrogen-powered buses to Las Vegas

Ford is delivering two hydrogen-powered Ford E-450 shuttles to the city of Las Vegas, which becomes the first city in the Western US to have such vehicles. Other places with such vehicles are Orlando (Airport Authority and Orlando Convention Center Central District). Canada is getting three in Ottawa and two in Vancouver.

Ford says hydrogen engine is getting close to consumer ready

Ford is really playing in all the alternative energy fields these days. They just had a big announcement (or a small one depending on how you figure it) about plug-in hybrids and said these PHEVs should be ready in Sebastian Blanco

Ford's Hydrogen 999 racer shooting for fuel cell land speed record

Remember that Ford Fusion land speed record we told you about in May? Ford has finally released more information about its plans to head out to Bonneville with a specially-designed Ford Fusion, the Hydrogen 999, to try and break the record for an production-based fuel cell powered vehicle. Ohio State University currently holds the unlimited land speed record for an electric vehicle

Ford Edge HySeries Drive spotted ahead of the DC Auto Show

Following the unveiling of the Airstream concept at the just concluded Detroit Auto Show, a Ford spokesman informed me that the drive-train of the concept had already been tested in an Edge, and promised me a drive. Unfortunately, the first opportunity popped up last week just before they shipped the vehicle to Washington for the DC Auto

Ford Focus FCV in the AutoblogGreen Garage, part 2 - the feel of the drive

(Editor's Note: to read part one of AutoblogGreen's Ford Focus review, click here. Part three will be available tomorrow)

Ride in a hydrogen car in Michigan Tuesday morning

The City of Taylor, Michigan and Ford are offering up ride and drive opportunities in Ford fuel cell vehicles tomorrow morning. The ride and drives are part of the opening of a hydrogen fueling station at the city's Department of Public Works (which sure doesn't sound like a publicly available hydrogen pump to me). Representative John Dingell and representatives of BP and the Department of Energy will also be present at the event, which takes place from 10 to 11 am. AutoblogGreen's Sam Abuelsami

Ford to offer hydrogen ICE shuttle buses to customers this year

Ford's gone and done it. The company announced yesterday that they would be the first in the world to offer customers hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles. The H2ICE (Ford's name for the hydrogen ICE) will be a supercharged 6.8-liter V-10 that powers E-450 shuttle buses and will be available later this year