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Rumormill: Ford Focus Coupe concept on the way

It sounds like the new Ford Focus lineup is poised to get a little sexier. AutoExpress is reporting that the Blue Oval intends to release a concept coupe version of the newly reworked hatch. Designed to replace the old three-door model elsewhere on the globe, the low-slung ride will take cues from both the Focus ST and ever lust worthy old-school European Zach Bowman

Rendered Speculation: Ford's next Euro Focus to spawn Scirocco-fighting coupe

Having driven the current European Focus in sporty ST trim and with the even hotter RS version rolling off the assembly line, we can tell you that our friends across the Atlantic have one fine-handling hatchback on their hands. And for the next generation, Ford is planning to give the Focus t

Review: 2009 Ford Focus SES Coupe

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Tweaked 2009 Ford Focus Coupe debuts

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