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Well, that didn't take long. A company by the name of Auto Tech Plastics has gone and done what seemed inevitable and many a blogger feared would happen: endow the new Ford Flex's slab-sidedness with fake woodgrain. Make no mistake, we have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the classic woody wagons from a bygone era. Sure, they may take a bit more upkeep than normal, but the classic models with their real wood paneling are just fine by us. This... thing? Not so much. The last wood-applique'd

Certain automotive fashions are better left in the grave. To wit: faux wood paneling. It looks good on the old Woody, but it's an absolute atrocity on everything else (see: Griswold, PT Cruiser). However, spies have caught the new Ford Flex donning some woodgrain shelf paper paneling, and as much as FoMoCo is trying to redefine the people-mover/minivan segment with the Flex, this would seem to be a seriously counterintuitive move. We're hoping it's a joke, and for our money, it is.