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Automakers are constantly questioned about their choices. From green-lighting production of an awful vehicle to offering gadgets and gizmos that consumers don't want, it seems automakers regularly make some less-than-ideal decisions. Sometimes, though, it's what automakers don't offer that creates a stir, the diesel engine being a prime example. U.S. buyers have been left out in the cold while Europeans enjoy their wonderfully efficient, diesel-powered vehicles.

Ford has finally made it official: the upcoming Fiesta for the North American market will be built at the company's assembly plant in Cuautitlán, Mexico. Job 1 for Ford's new B-class car will be coming up in early 2010. The plant near Mexico City currently builds F-Series pickups for the Mexican market and will be re-tooled starting later this year after production of the current generation trucks winds down. Once the revamp of the factory is complete, it will supply Fiestas for all North