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Ford will probably never offer two RS models at the same time

Autocar has some sour news for fans of go-fast Ford products. According to Roelant de Waard, Ford's president of marketing in Europe, the automaker will probably never offer more than one RS performance model for sale at the same time. That statement runs contrary earlier rumblings that suggested Ford would launch its next-generation Focus RS in 2015 and follow the hatch with a spate o

Ford Focus RS could get 350-hp EcoBoost, E-diff

We may have to make due with the Focus ST here in the United States (note: we are not complaining), but an even hotter version – the Focus RS – has historically been quite a hit in Europe. And according to a report in Auto Express, the next-generation RS should be one hot little number when it launches in 2014.

Next Ford Focus RS could see 330 horsepower

Here's some fun news. Auto Express reports the next-generation Ford Focus RS could pack as much as 330 horsepower courtesy of a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine. That's a substantial jump over the 247 hp found in the new Focus ST. Matthias Ton, the chief program engineer for global performance cars at Ford, admits the turbo 2

Could Ford's Fiesta RS outmuscle Focus RS production hopes?

While we wait patiently for the fall launch of the 2013 Ford Focus ST – and for Ford to decide whether the U.S. market is worthy of the three-door Fiesta ST – our English-speaking friends overseas are consumed with other worries. Like whether the next Jeff Sabatini

2015 Ford Focus RS to get five doors, turbo four and active noise cancellation

Engines keep getting smaller, but that doesn't mean they're getting weaker. Case in point: Ford, which is developing a new 2.3-liter four with turbocharging and direct injection. It's rumored to go into the Mustang in a couple of years, but sources from across the pond (read: Hot Hatch country) expect it to power the next Focus RS.

Rumormill: Next Focus RS to get all-wheel drive with electric motors

Despite driving only the front wheels, reviewers have heaped praise on the current Ford Focus RS's handling and its ability to put 300 horsepower to the road thanks to some nifty suspension and driveline tricks. However, when the next-generation RS rolls into town (assuming that it becomes a reality) it may well have all-wheel-drive courtesy of an electric motor driving the rear axle.

Five days to the Ford Focus RS500

Ford Focus RS 500 on the test track – Click above to watch video after the jump

Rumormill: Next-gen Ford Focus RS to get hybrid power

2009 Ford Focus RS – Click above for high-res image gallery

McChip introduces Ford Focus RS with 401 horses - Are you lovin' it?

401-hp Ford Focus tuned Mcchip-dkr – Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Ford passes on bringing current Focus RS to America

UPDATE: Ford just wrote us to clarify that while the all-new Focus RS just introduced in Europe won't be for sale in the U.S., "Ford intends to bring some new RS' to the US (as we've already seen in the spy photos of the white car) to use as marketing assets for feedback from enthusiasts" and media.

VIDEO: World's Fastest Jet Pack vs. Ford Focus RS

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