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NHTSA steps in to clear a national path for autonomous vehicle development

Rule changes will allow cars without pedals, mirrors, or steering wheels on public roads

Coming rule changes will allow cars without pedals, mirrors, or steering wheels on public roads.

Why we can't have better headlights here in the U.S.

Outdated safety standards, lack of NHTSA leadership keep us in the dark

BMW gets exemption to allow self-parking 7 Series in US [w/video]

NHTSA grants BMW an exemption to bring Park Assistant Plus to the US.

Audi pushing DOT to allow its sequential LED turn signals [w/videos]

Still in the process of trying to get its trick LED Matrix Beam headlights legalized in the US, Audi is now trying to get its front and rear sequential LED turn signals approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Just like its auto-

NHTSA updating motorcycle helmet laws

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has updated the motorcycle helmet law in an attempt to stop people from wearing improperly certified helmets and novelty helmets. The law doesn't change the construction of helmets directly, but changes the way they're labeled, to make it more difficult to mi

Report: Japan likely to set the rules on hybrids and EVs

Did you know that there was a World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations? While it might seem to be a good idea to merge all the regulations governing automakers all over the world into one global standard, there's obviously a long way to go towards realizing that goal. In any case, with the recent proliferation of hybrids and the expected emergence of electric vehicles, new standards for sa