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How to Replace Transfer Case Fluid

Four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) may operate differently but the theory is still the same.

How to Check Your Power Steering Fluid Level

The power steering system is standard on many modern vehicles.

How to Extend the Life of Your Car

While for many people a vehicle is a necessity, it’s not an investment.

How to Replace a Washer Fluid Level Switch

Your windshield washer fluid tank is full.

How to Check and Add Fluid to an Automatic Transmission Car

Automatic transmissions can run reliably for tens of thousands of miles without needing any significant service.

How to Replace a Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

The power steering fluid reservoir has been an important part of vehicles since the debut of the power steering system in 1951.

5 Commonly Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance Items

Without a doubt, the best way to maintain your car is to follow the manufacturer's suggested service schedule, but some people opt not to for various reasons, cost often being one of them– the scheduled maintenance services can certainly be expensive.

How to Replace an Anti-Lock Brake Fluid Level Sensor on Most Modern Cars

Most modern vehicles are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

How to Check the 5 Essential Fluids in Your Car

One of the easiest and most important things you can do for the longevity of your vehicle is to ensure that the fluids are kept at the proper level and in good condition.

How to Clean and Maintain Windshield Washers

When dirt or debris lands on your windshield while driving, your immediate reaction would be to use the wiper fluid spray to clear it.

How to Show a Teenager Basic Car Maintenance

Teaching a teen how to perform simple car maintenance gives them knowledge they can use for a lifetime.

How to Diagnose and Repair a Faulty Windshield Washer Pump

The role of your vehicle’s windshield washer pump is to take the washer fluid from the reservoir and circulate it through the tubes to the car’s windshield washer nozzles.

How to Make Your Own Windshield Washer Fluid

Many people choose to make their own windshield washer fluid at home because of safety concerns involving commercially made washer fluids.

How to Diagnose a Fluid Leak

Few things are worse than walking into the garage and seeing a puddle of some unknown liquid under your vehicle.

How to Check Car Fluids

Being able to check the fluids in your car brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as you are protecting your prized investment.

How to Flush Your Power Steering System

Modern cars are equipped with power steering which helps the driver easily steer the car by turning the wheel gently.

How to Replace Transmission Fluid

Whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission in your vehicle, the transmission fluid is one of the most overlooked fluids when it comes to maintenance.

How to Make Sure Your Car is Ready to Drive

Whether you are taking a short trip to the next town over, or heading out on long summer road trip, inspecting your car before you head down the road is a great way to make sure you get to your destination safely, without the inconvenience of a breakdown.

How to Bleed a Clutch

A clutch master cylinder contains a reservoir with brake fluid.

How to Check Your Car’s Differential Fluid

Ever since you got your driver’s license, you’ve been to told to check your engine oil.

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