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Find more ethanol with DriveFlexFuel E85 station locator

One of the problems major automakers cite as a reason that more ethanol isn't used in their flex-fuel vehicles is that the people who own the cars just don't know that you can put E85 into the tank. But there is another problem: not having any E85 available in your area. If you want to find out if you can get E85 locally, there has long been an ethanol station search available at the website of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition. Douglas Cottrell ov

Ford's European flex-fuel sales jump up 60 percent

One of the first rules of numbers in corporate PR is to use the percentage when the actual number are small. For example, if you've got an SUV that get 10 mpg and you build a new version that gets 12, you don't say it has a two mpg jump, you say it's 20 percent. Much more impressive that way. So, what do we make of Ford's announcement yesterday that its European flexifuel vehicle sales jumped up 60 percent? Let's look at the numbers (which Ford provides, a good sign that they're confident).

Ten reasons (eleven, really) that Ford of Europe 3s biofuels

Ford of Europe has a few biofuel-related announcements today. First, the company has created a new position: director, flexifuel and alternative fuel vehicles strategy, and long-time Ford hand Jan Brentebraten (pictured) was named to this post. Brentebraten joined Ford Norway as a financial analyst in 1978. His new job is to increase sales of Ford's flexifuel and alternative fuel vehicles. Ford of Europe says it will introduce more than 100 E85 flexifuel models (and derivatives) in the next five