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BREAKING: Zipcar, Flexcar to merge

There are reports that the car share companies Zipcar and Flexcar will merge. Financial terms were not disclosed but it looks like Zipcar is absorbing the smaller Flexcar. The name of the merged company, which will have more than 5,000 vehicles and 180,000 subscribers in 48 cities, will be Zipcar. The news is expected to be made official by the weekend. We will have more as the story develops.

Flexcar "Friends and Family" promotion offers free memberships, we think

When we get tips sent to the AutoblogGreen tipbox, we check out the details. Today we got a note from a Jon W. about Flexcar's ongoing "Friends and Family" free membership promotion. The trouble is, the only other mentions of this promotion on the 'net are two comments (one on Green Car Congress and the other on a blog called Sebastian Blanco

Flexcar car-sharing comes to Pittsburgh

Add Pittsburgh to the list of about a dozen American cities where car-sharing from Flexcar is availble.

Flexcar offers car sharing to college students under 21 years old

Marketers swarm over college campuses each year trying to entice students to sample their products and form brand loyalty that will sit with them the rest of their life. Green cars enthusiasts are getting into the college market with a new program launched by Flexcar, the car-sharing program. Flexcar is the first national company to offer car-sharing for drivers under 21.

Low car diet: walking is always the best reward

I've been having fun experimenting with a variety of transportation alternatives in the month since I began my low car diet. I've bussed a lot, taken the light rail known locally as the "Max," even riding transport for free in "Fareless Square." My husband had made plentiful use of the bike and ride option (he sticks his bike on the front rack on the bus before work, then rides home late