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Electronic fleet management is becoming a useful resource for operators keeping an eye on operational costs. Probably, the most important part of these systems is monitoring fuel consumption for all vehicles: it can point out which vehicles are burning more fuel than average and drivers who have a heavier right foot. Volvo's management offering is called Fuelwatch, and it's not only a device in the vehicles, but a full consulting system that the Swedish marque claims can cut fuel costs up to 10

Japanese company Miyama Inc. has announced that they have reached 21.2 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from its truck fleet. This is very close to the company's target of 23 percent reduction by 2010 compared to its 2001 levels. The company says that the annual reduction of 1,869 metric tons was the result of improved environmental awareness among its 163 distribution drivers, as well as its unique eco-driving navigation system. Although Miyama started with a simple "stop at idle" campaign ba