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Over a five-week period prior to its June 16th launch, Honda reportedly logged 7,000 orders for its Fit Shuttle over in Japan. That's a fraction of the number of 52,000 orders recorded by Toyota for the Prius Alpha hybrid MPV, a competitor to Honda's gas-electric version of the Fit Shuttle wagon.


With Toyota set to unveil the Yaris HSD Concept hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show and the Honda Fit, boosted by a spike in sales of the gas-electric version, recently overtaking the Toyota Prius as the best-selling vehicle in Japan, conditions seem to indicate that a battle is begining for overall supremacy in the subcompact and compact hybrid vehicle segments.

Honda has fired up a website for its new Fit Shuttle. The B-segment fighter's larger twin is set to use the same center-tank design as the smaller of the duo, which means that buyers can look forward to a surprising amount of interior room. While the extended hatch will come with a gasoline drivetrain, the engineers have also cooked up a hybrid variant for squeezing the most out of every last whisper of fuel.