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In a legal suit in the U.S., arbitration is a way to step outside the confines of the court and have the two parties settle their differences by a binding agreement. It is a common step in commercial disputes and is what Fisker Automotive asked a California court for on Tuesday, according to Autoweek. Fisker is dealing with a lawsuit from Tesla Motors over the design of the WhiteStar. According to court papers looked at by Autoweek, there is a hearing scheduled for June 11.

Someone over at Fisker Automotive has been having fun with Photoshop. In the company's gallery of images for the Karma we see the sleek and "sexy" hybrid in a dark blue on some sort of rocky seashore. Very nice. There are also some actual close-up photos of the Karma taken by photographer Robert Kerian. The images are, I think, to accompany the Karma's debut in the April 2008 edition of the Robb Report Collection (pr after the break). The Robb Report is that glossy fantasy magazine that lusts af

Henrik Fisker is not slowing down. Following a positive reception to his Karma plug-in hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show, Fisker showed off the first picture of a two-door, four-seat convertible at the J.D. Power Roundtable in San Francisco today, according to Automotive News (subs req'd). That little picture is not all we know about this car, as Fisker said it will use the same PHEV powertrain as the Karma and will be available at around the same time (i.e., late 2009). If you've got an Automotiv

Now that we've seen the Fisker Karma, we're glad to know more about the company behind this $80,000 plug-in hybrid. As part to the Karma's unveiling, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, the company that is part of the joint venture behind Fisker Automotive, announced that the funding group Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers gave a second round of funding to Fisker. How much? Well, it's a "multi-million dollar investment [that] builds on the initial capital funding from Palo Alto Inves

The look of the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid that was unveiled in Detroit today is not a surprise. We saw a sneak peek of it all the way back in October. It was on the last day of October, but still. The difference is that now we got to oooh and aaah over this expensive and sleek (and I'm tempted to say shark-like, because that's what it reminded me of) PHEV hybrid in person after the curtain dropped this afternoon. I stood in the polite scrum and shot y'all some pictures of the Karma, just in ca