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Firefly turns off the lights, files Chapter 7

Sad news for those of you waiting for a next-gen lead acid battery. It isn't coming. At least not from Firefly Energy. Originally spun off from Caterpillar, the Illinois company had developed a carbon graphite foam lead-acid battery that was supposed to have a bright future in the military and Domenick Yoney

Firefly announces agreement to produce carbon-graphite foam lead acid batteries

The carbon-graphite foam, lead acid batteries created by Firefly Energy are a bit closer to production now that the company today announced a MoU with lead acid battery maker NorthStar Battery Company. This agreement means Firefly's 3D batteries should be in production by the fourth quarter of this year.

AutoblogGreen Q&A with Firefly Energy co-founder Mil Ovan on new lead-acid battery tech: 3D2

As we mentioned the other day, Firefly Energy is setting out to change the way we think of lead-acid batteries. Mil Ovan, Firefly Energy co-founder, spoke with AutoblogGreen about this new battery technology and what it might mean for PHEVs and EVs.

Firefly Energy creates a new type of lead acid battery, pushing for hybrid vehicle use

Firefly Energy Inc., of Peoria, Ill has patented a new type of lead acid battery they claim would be an excellent choice for hybrid and electric vehicle use. The battery is of a lead acid design, but differs from traditional lead acid batteries by using a carbon-graphite foam grid instead of a conventional lead grid. They claim that this will reduce wei