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Still interested in the Oasis batteries from Firefly Energy? As far as we know, the summer release date is still on, especially with all that venture funding. Firefly has figured out how to deal with the corrosion problem that plagued standard lead acids by swapping out the standard lead grid in the batteries withthe Microcell™ composite graphite foam grid. It's this grid that really makes the battery so exciting to a lot of EV enthusiasts, and has been on our radar at least since we spoke

With all the money going into gas these days, is it any surprise that companies in the business of making gas alternatives are seeing increased financial interest as well? Mascoma was obviously one of the recent big winners, but the list is long and we can now add Firefly Energy. Firefly recently closed its third round of funding, which brought the company $16m. Firefly has been on our scope for a while, especially with their Oasis Group 31 batteries. The U.S. Army is also interested, to the tun