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Firefly batteries inching closer to deployment

Still interested in the Oasis batteries from Firefly Energy? As far as we know, the summer release date is still on, especially with all that venture funding. Firefly has figured out how to deal with the corrosion problem that plagued standard lead acids by s

Venture funds flowing into Firefly for advanced batteries

With all the money going into gas these days, is it any surprise that companies in the business of making gas alternatives are seeing increased financial interest as well? Mascoma was obviously one of the recent big winners, but the list is long and we can now add Firefly Energy. Firefly recently closed its third round of funding, which brought the company $16m. Firefly has been on our scop

Firefly's Oasis Group 31 batteries getting some EV fans excited

One of Firefly's newest batteries, called the Oasis Group 31, is on target for a summer release date. These batteries were unveiled in October, and AutoblogGreen reader Sean says that he's been paying attention this deep-discharge battery and that, " All of us with EVs are quite interested as these promise to double the range, quadruple the life, and weigh a bit less to boot!" Don't worry, Sean's quite aware that there's a real good chance that the Oasis Group 31 batteries will bring with them a

Firefly Energy batteries headed for the trucking market

A new California law that goes into effect on the first day of 2008 will limit to five minutes a diesel truck's legal idling time. But truckers love to idle their massive vehicles, as the diesel engine provides power for all sorts of applications that run in the cabin when the truck is parked. In the business it's called discretionary idling (or "hotel loads"), and you can read