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Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Fiat versus the bicycle

Fiat Palio ad from veryfunnyads.com - Click above to watch the video after the break

Fiat to introduce natural gas fueled Palio in India

Fiat is reportedly planning on introducing a natural gas-fueled version of its Palio compact in the Indian market in 2009. Compressed natural gas is a popular fuel in India, especially for buses. There are also experiments ongoing with using Hythane, a blend of 10 percent hydrogen gas along with the natural gas. The Palio hatchback is already available with both gas and diesel engin

Fiat Palio EVs to be tested in Brazil

Brazilian electric utility Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (Cemig) is teaming up with Fiat to build a test fleet of battery-powered Fiat Palios. They will be building thirty of the cars powered by batteries from Swiss manufacturer KWO to start with at a price of $36,000. If the project works out a battery plant could be opened in Brazil near Fiat's plant in Minas Gerais state. In a country that has been an ethanol proponent for as long as Brazil it will be interesting to see how this projec

BusinessWeek profiles world's cheapest cars

What a difference a day makes, or a few years at least. While many automakers were rushing to add premium models to their lineups just a few years ago, today the buzzword is affordability. Perhaps a ripple effect of high gas prices, or the green movement, or even the emerging third-world automotive markets, everybody seems to be thinking cheap. In response, BusinessWeek has compiled a list of super affordable vehicles that will be available over the next couple of years. The common fact